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Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen shares her low carb journey


“I love low carb because you do get results quite fast, which really helps you stay motivated and on track” – Anna


What got you interested in the low carb way of eating?

Years ago, I was working as a personal trainer as well as running my own cafe. Clients started talking to me about low carb diets and so I started reading and researching. I reduced my carbs to under 50g per day, as a test and I was stoked with the results. Way more energy throughout entire day, easily lost a few kgs and gained so much mental clarity! I was sold. I started posting little tips and tricks about making low carb easy on social media and it just went from there!


How strictly do you follow a low carb diet?

I wouldn’t say I’m super strict, as in I do love my cheese, crackers and wine on a Friday night. My rule is – whenever possible choose the lowest carb option, so then if I’m in a situation where there are no low carb choices available, or I feel like a splurge, then it doesn’t matter because I know the majority of the time I’m fuelling my body with top quality nutritious low carb foods!


How many carbs do you consume/recommend consuming per day?

I only ever talk about what works for me, and that is definitely under 50g per day and usually closer to 30g. I don’t count everything I eat, instead I created a list of Australian Low Carb Foods (as I got so frustrated with all the info online being from the U.S) and I simply choose foods off this list! The other thing I always explain to people is that the only way to avoid being tricked and eating hidden sugars and carbs are to look at total carbs. This way you can not be fooled by claims such as “No Added Sugar” “Natural” or with sneaky ingredients like dates, honey or agave syrup (All of which are just sugar).


What benefits have you personally seen from the diet?

  • Easy weight loss
  • Mental clarity – it’s so much easier to stay focused and achieve more each day
  • Consistent energy – no highs and lows, I just power through the day feeling great!
  • No bloating or puffiness!!!


How did you help yourself first adjust to a low carb diet?

I love low carb because you do get results quite fast, which really helps you stay motivated and on track, you just want to keep feeling amazing so you keep choosing the right low carb choices. The thing I did really miss was toast though, it’s so easy and convenient in the morning, so I created my own low carb bread – you can read more about that here.


What is your favourite low carb meal?

I’m such a simple girl I really can’t go past a good steak or salmon and green veggies for dinner or bacon, eggs, mushies and spinach for brekkie! My other faves and “sweet treats” are my low carb pancakes with butter, lemon and Natvia, or my low carb dark chocolate zucchini mud cake (topped with cream!).


What are the favourite resources you have used to learn more about the low carb diet?

When I first became interested in low carb there was pretty much only US information, which whilst good, is quite different to the foods we have available in Australia. I spent a lot of time converting this US info into Aussie info with Aussie products and references, learning as I was going! (links below)  My general rule is that all foods should have less than 10g carbs per serve, and closer to 5g if possible. I just try and keep it super simple and not overcomplicate things!



What would be your ultimate low carb meal at THR1VE?

Definitely Butter Chicken!! Hands down a winner 🙂


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