What is the THR1VE Protocol?

THR1VE Protocol strength training with kettlebells


Need some extra support with your health and wellness ambitions?

The THR1VE Protocol is a comprehensive 8 week training and nutrition transformation program, designed to be the most efficient AND sustainable means of achieving your dream body.

The Protocol is unlike any other body transformation program on the market.

Based on extensive scientific research, made accessible for effortless integration into busy lives, and with a clear emphasis on those few nutrition and training shifts proven to deliver the biggest bang for the buck.  You will notice changes to how you look, feel and perform within just a couple of weeks, and the cyclic nature of the nutrition plan and increasing load of the training program supports ongoing results.  Just as importantly, you will be inspired and empowered with the necessary knowledge to intelligently customise the program, based on your unique wants and needs, allowing you to sustain your progress indefinitely.

Your dream body, for life.


THR1VE Protocol nutrition with salmon and healthy fats


The Nutrition Plan

The delicious and satisfying nutrition plan combines the incomparable power of an ultra low carb Keto Friendly approach, with an eventual shift to a more easily sustained cyclic low carb regime, and the option of cycling back and forth to optimise your hormones and metabolism for continuous progress.  The focus is on the elimination of excess body fat, not ‘weight loss’, which is usually a mix of muscle, water and fat.  We want to preserve and even enhance health promoting muscle, while reducing health compromising excess body fat.

The first two weeks of ultra-low carb nutrition exploits the uniquely powerful science of ketogenesis to upregulate the burning of stored body fat, transitioning your metabolism to preferentially burn fat for fuel.  Thereafter, weeks three to eight shift to a more easily sustainable cyclic low carb regime where you dip in and out of ketogenesis, utilising primarily ultra-low and low carb meals, except post training.  The increased carbs post training, which we call ‘training for treats’, not only support a healthy social life but also an enhanced metabolism, resetting your system and avoiding the metabolic slow down that typically stalls progress.  Based on your unique situation, progress and objectives, you can either maintain cyclic low carb indefinitely, or shift back and forth between periods of ketogenesis.



The Training Program

The incredibly time efficient training program is based on those specific modalities proven to have the greatest impact on body composition, health and wellness, in the shortest period of time. Designed to perfectly compliment the reduced carbohydrate intake of the nutrition plan, the training program requires as little as 60 minutes per week.  Combining strength training and high intensity interval training, with daily low level movement, the training program not only supports the fat loss objectives of the nutrition plan, but results in a leaner, stronger and sexier body at the same time, while also improving cardio vascular fitness.

By utilising compound strength movements that engage multiple large muscle groups at once for 20-30 minutes twice a week, with options for steadily increasing load and intensity as recovery and progress permit, you create a cascade of fat burning and physique enhancing hormones.  High intensity interval training, which can deliver results in as little as four working minutes twice a week, is incomparably time efficient for improving multiple markers of cardio vascular fitness and increased fat burning.  And daily low level activity, whether a morning walk, a dance in the living room or taking the stairs whenever you can, alleviates the now widely recognised risk in our largely sedentary lifestyle.  It’s also a lot of fun!


The combination of short and intense focused training sessions a few times a week, with daily low level activity, underpins the transformation to a happier, healthier and sexier you.

Together, the THR1VE Protocol nutrition plan and training program act synergistically to deliver you the body of your dreams, while inspiring and empowering you to sustain it forever.


You can start the THR1VE Protocol at any time. The eBook and Log Book bundle is available on our website.

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