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The Supplements You Should Add To Your Diet


You won’t have to take any pills. 

In a perfect world no one would need supplements, we would all get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat well all the time and lead a stress free life. But in reality, this can seem more like a challenge than a choice.

So, although you don’t need supplements to score your dream body, they can definitely help day to day performance and to plug any unintended micro-nutrient gaps. But you do have to be careful as often supplements can be filled with artificial chemicals and flavours which can do more harm than good and will not always be bioavailable (your body doesn’t actually use them).

If you are going to take supplements, these are the three that will give you the most nutritional bang for your buck.


Protein Powder

Fat Burning, Metabolism Boosting and Satisfying

When you’re short on time and a whole food meal isn’t an option, a high-quality protein powder is a great addition to a low sugar meal replacement, or post-training smoothie. Protein is a satisfying choice that will keep you fuller for longer while helping to achieve your leanest, strongest body yet by ensuring you are consuming adequate protein. For those who tolerate dairy, consider whey. Alternatively, explore pea or hemp options. At THR1VE We’ve created a unique 4 protein blend for sustained release and improved muscle recovery. When looking for a good protein ensure you check the carb content and aim to look for a low carb option (less than 5g per serve) with added natural fat burners such as green tea and ketones to maximise fat burn for effortless weight loss.


Greens Powder

Immune Boosting and Hormone Balancing

A strong immune system and happy hormones require an adequate intake of not only macronutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates, but also the right balance of micro nutrients. A good greens Powder is an all in one micro-nutrient blend including green vegetables, herbs, spices, sea nutrients and probiotics. These are nutrients we should derive from our regular diet, but due to relatively limited choices we often don’t. We consider a high-quality greens powder as good insurance against common nutritional deficiencies and a way to strengthen your immune system and balance your hormones for a healthier, happier and sexier you. At THR1VE we use Good Green Stuff blended with unsweetened almond milk.



All Day Energy and Metabolism Boosting

Medium chain triglycerides or exogenous ketones: Medium-chain fats (rather than long-chain) are healthy fats that keep you fuller for longer and provide energy all day. They are sent directly to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect, and can positively alter your metabolism. MCTs found in coconut oil and grass fed beef, among others, may also have more health benefits including improved heart health, obesity prevention and brain health. You can enjoy MCTs such as coconut oil by simply using it as your cooking oil of choice, we cook all our restaurant meals in coconut oil or we also love to add it to coffee as a bulletproof style shot, try our Iceman in store for a great blend of THR1VE protein and MCTs.

Want to know more? Find out more, see the research in our  THR1VE Protocol.

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