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Why Detox when you can Pretox?

At THR1VE, we’re on a mission to make extraordinary health, deliciously simple which is why we created our 8 week training and nutrition program the THR1VE Protocol. We understand sometimes it can be tricky to commit to 8 weeks, which is why we’ve designed a taster 4 week program our Protocol Pretox.

What is a Pretox?

A simple way to prepare your body for effortless and sustainable results that will help you look, feel and perform your best. Including nutrition, training and lifestyle recommendations.

How is it different to a detox?

Our bodies naturally detoxify themselves, which means detoxes such as juice cleanses or food group elimination may provide quick results, but these are not sustainable.

A pretox is about preparing your body for lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier, happier and sexier you. We take it step by step to make the results effortless and sustainable.

What’s involved?

Our Protocol Pretox is a 4 week starter program to our 8 week THR1VE Protocol. This mini guide will take you through the fundamentals of what to eat and how to train for your best body yet, in under 2 hours a week. We also provide a recommended meal plan based on our THR1VE ready made meals – so you don’t even have to do the cooking.

Here’s a sneak peek of week 1 – so you know what to order.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.43.18 am

You’ll receive your free guide with your order confirmation email.

Plus each week you will score a FREE gift with your order to help you with the Pretox.

Get started today – and you’ll have your best body yet in no time.

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    Sounds good. What is the price?

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