The THR1VE Food Pyramid


What to eat to shed body fat.

Learn to live by the age-old tradition that you are what you eat. Research shows that 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat. At THR1VE, we’ve curated the best in nutritional research highlighted in our 8 week program the THR1VE Protocol to make eating well, deliciously simple.

Our THR1VE food pyramid, is designed with only real food and fresh ingredients and we recommend eliminating processed foods, refined sugars, preservatives, excessive alcohol and industrial and seed oils to help you achieve better health, a better body and better productivity, all while eating delicious food. Then we design all our at home meals and restaurant menus to reflect this.

So how does this relate to eating for better health, a better body and better productivity?

Recent research shows that reducing your carbohydrate intake and increasing healthy fats, know as LCHF (low-carb-high-fat) can have amazing benefits from weight loss to improved focus.  If you want to know all about the benefits of an LCHF (low-carb-high-fat) diet, head over HERE.

But when combined with regular exercise and training moderate and timed portions of smart carbs such as sweet potato and brown rice can also help accelerate this result and stop you from hitting a plateau. This is known as carb cycling.

So how does it work?

Our food pyramid has combined these two philosophies (LCHF) and (Cyclic Low Carb) with only real food for the ideal diet for improving health, body composition and productivity.

When designing your plate start with:

  1. Vegetables: At the bottom of the pyramid, your largest intake of food (approximately two-thirds – or an open palm – of your plate) should come from fresh, seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices in every colour of the rainbow. This can include – but is not limited to; broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, peas, garlic, chili, and kale.
  1. Protein: Above this, about a third of your plate (a closed fist) should contain high-quality proteins such as grass-fed beef, seafood, eggs, poultry, game and organ meats.
  1. Healthy fats. These are used for cooking, dressing salads or as a (small) side. Think: olive oil for cooking and salad dressing, cooking in butter or coconut oil, and eating avocado or nut butter with carrot or celery sticks.
  1. Smart carbohydrates. These are to be consumed within three hours of training, for best results. These grains include sweet potato, quinoa, wild rice and brown rice.


When shopping, a good guide is to stick to the outside areas of the supermarket and avoid the aisles. You will get all of the real, healthy, delicious goodness from there. Make your way in a U-shape from one corner to the next, avoiding the zig-zag – stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy (full-fat), and meats. Only deviate from this for ingredients you know you will need such as coconut or olive oil, nuts, seeds and the above grains.

Don’t have time to shop – Each of our meals is designed with our THR1VE Pyramid in mind, delivered to your home or office.

For more information, and to start your 8-week health reset, head to our Protocol page.

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